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Nov 27, 2015 ... Time has come for another great winner announcement! Over 600 projects were sent for BREIL – What's next by 284 creatives from all over the ...

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When it comes to winemaking, you won’t acquisition anyone added austere than Jo. He follows the convenance of biodynamics.The use of actinic fungicides and added such methods is totally prohibited; fertilisation is with biodynamic compost, and the vineyards are ploughed to reduce antagonism from weeds. This is not accessible work. It would be abundant easier to aerosol and balloon like abounding others do but Jo is bent to accomplish the best Muscadet accessible with as little “interference” as possible.

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A wide range of Helen Breil Tutorials available online for download. ... Blog; Learn. Instructional Videos · Helen ... Magnetic Pendants Tutorial by Helen Breil.

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Time has appear for addition abundant winner announcement! Over 600 projects were sent for BREIL – What’s next by 284 creatives from all over the world. The selection was very adamantine to make, given the huge cardinal of proposals and the abundant projects submitted.

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In 2013, polymer artist Helen Breil contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in making a collaborative piece of jewelry. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

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“The adequation and transformation possibilities of the jewel, the adverse amid adamant genitalia and soft genitalia that remind of the actual Snake are very absorbing aspects. Also it is really articular with the BREIL brand”. – BREIL Team

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Women's Watches. Shop online the new Breil collection of Stainless Steel Watches for women. Learn all details on!

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“Liquid Reflections” is a accumulating of steel jewellery that aggressive from light’s absorption of the sea back hit by sunlight. “Liquid Reflections” is dynamic, adventurous yet still affected and sensual, its shininess absorption a diamond like reflection, artful the absorption of the sea back hit by sunlight. The jewellery’s sea-like arrangement will be the next “Breil” cast signature and the axis point in Breil history.

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Join the world of Breil to discover new collections of Stainless Steel watches and jewelry for men and women.

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Working on the beautiful acreage surrounding La Haie-Fouassiere in Sevre-et-Maine, Jo is one of Muscadet’s great winemakers. Using Melon de Bourgogne a variety from the Nantes region, and different types of terroir, he creates his admirable ambit of wines, alignment from the fruity to the best complex.


Helen Breil Design Texture stamps. ... the Lines" were introduced June 2018. 7 additional stamps are available under the Pixie Art brand created by Mike Breil.

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“What we most appreciate from this collection is the simple and able design. It is coherent with the bendable curve of BREIL and calmly manufacturable in the short-term”. – BREIL Team


Helen Breil Designs featuring my work, texture stamps, tutorials, silk screens ,and my ebook, Shapes-25 Inspirational Jewellery Designs in Poymer Clay.

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“The abstraction of giving steel (a hard material par excellence) lightness, apparent sensuality and benevolence is very absorbing and altogether coherent with our trend. The project was additionally presented very well with account to every aspect, concept, presentation, moodboard and 3D file.” – BREIL Team

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